Laparoscopic Surgery In Milton Keynes

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as laparoscopy, is a diagnostic procedure which is carried out to examine the organs located in the abdomen. It is recognised as a low-risk surgical procedure which is minimally invasive, as it uses only small incisions.

The procedure uses a laparoscope - a long, thin implement which carries a high-resolution camera and bright light at the front. This tube is inserted via an incision which is made in the abdominal wall. As the tube moves, it is able to send images from the camera to a video monitor in the operating room. This allows a doctor to see live footage from inside the body without open surgery being required.

Which conditions are treated by laparoscopic surgery?

In general, laparoscopic surgery is used for the identification and diagnosis of pain emanating from the abdomen or pelvis.

It would typically be used for cases in which a diagnosis has not been possible via non-invasive means, such as; a CT scan, which are x-rays that can take cross-sectional images of the body; an MRI scan, using radio waves and magnets to create images; or an ultrasound, using high-frequency sound waves to produce images.

Among the organs which can be examined via a laparoscopy are; the gallbladder, liver, appendix, stomach, spleen, pancreas, pelvis, small intestine, large intestine, and the reproductive organs.

Being able to carry out such examinations can help the doctor in making a diagnosis of conditions such as liver disease and masses or tumours in the abdomen. These examinations can also help with tracking the progression of certain types of cancer, and to measure the effectiveness of some treatments.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery can also be used to obtain biopsy samples.

Among the advantages of laparoscopic surgery over open surgery of procedures are:

- Smaller incision size which reduces pain after surgery
- Reduced risk of bleeding during surgery
- Reduced exposure to internal organs
- Shorter hospital stay

Why come to Mr Achal Khanna for your laparoscopic surgery?


Mr Achal Khanna is one of the country's leading surgeons specialising in laparoscopy; a technique which is valued for its speed, as well as the less painful recovery which it can offer patients in comparison to open surgery procedures. Mr Khanna is recognised as an expert in laparoscopic surgery and is a laparoscopic surgeon and consultant.

Patients can expect treatment which is totally tailored to their needs, ensuring that they are completely comfortable during the whole process.

The level of patient satisfaction which Mr Khanna has been able to achieve is evidenced by over 130 patients who have given positive reviews about their experience. Our patients have highlighted qualities such as our professionalism, efficiency, and ability to put them totally at ease before, during and after their laparoscopic surgery procedure.

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